About Us


Hope Children’s Home is an independent, Christian orphanage established in 1974 by Rev. Ketut Daniel when he and his family began to provide housing and comfort to the orphans of Bali and surrounding islands.

In 1973, (as he was retiring from his roles as Priest of the Christian Protestant Church in Bali and Secretary of the Christian Protestant Church in Bali), Rev. Ketut Daniel decided to give the rest of his life, together with his wife and own children, to serving children in need, based on God’s words and principles: “This is what God the Father considers to be pure and genuine religion: to take care of orphans and widows in their suffering and keep oneself for being corrupted by the world (James 1:27)”.

So at the beginning of February 1974, when there was a call for Rev. Ketut Daniel to accommodate 6 children who had no parents, nor a house to live in – Hope Children’s Home was born. The building that houses the orphanage was originally built in 1974 by Rev. Ketut Daniel. The orphanage has grown each year since and as a result, the number of the children is increasing.

In 2000, after 26 years caring for orphans in his retirement, Rev. Ketut Daniel was no longer able to continue his work in the orphanage and it was handed over to his daughter, Rev. Ni Nyoman Trisnawathy.

Rev. Ni Nyoman Trisnawathy is the current owner and manager of the orphanage. We prefer to call her ‘Mum’, as she mothers more than 100 children these days.

Rev. Nyoman Trisnawathy has been helped by her daughter, Julie for the orphanage’s correspondence. However, because of her new family life, she immigrated to The Netherlands. Thus, we have Julie for our representative in The Netherlands.